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The Hidden Amongst Us Series:



OOgie's Rainy Day Adventure


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Predators and Prey is the first book of the new Thriller series, "Siblings of the Shadows" to be released into ebook format exclusively for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

At ages six and ten years old, brothers Sam and Leo Dorrell were forced to watch as a sadistic psychopath brutally murdered their parents and then abducted the boys from their home. What the two boys did to survive was something both incredible and extraordinary, but wreaked havoc on their sanity in unique ways.


Now, as adults, they have become expert consultants with an FBI task force charged with identifying, tracking down and bringing to justice the most elusive and psychotic forms of human predators.


Their latest assignment has taken them to the Pacific Northwest where a new kind of killer has left the bodies of his victims in a horrific state. As Sam and Leo investigate, both recognize the unsettling similarity of this current psychopath to the one who abducted them as boys. What may be more unsettling is how, as the investigation progresses, those around them begin to suspect the damage the brothers sustained as children may have turned them into something as frightening as the monsters they are hunting.


As the saying goes, “It takes a thief...”


 Book Releases

Dark Spirits of the Forest Cover Pic.jpg

Jett Carle, new to being a Shaman of the North American Tribes, is taken by surprise when he has a vision bestowed upon him by the Spirits. Something evil has been risen by dark magics within the forests surrounding Amnicon Bay and it is up to Jett to discover why the evil forces have been awakened, how to eliminate them and restore balance to the region.



Supernatural forces are waged in a battle for control of the world and the key to either side's victory resides within a 2-year-old girl.


Unwittingly and reluctantly recruited into the battle is Jett Carle who has no idea why the supernatural combatants regard him as such a threat. After all, he's only a simple forest ranger...  

...Or is he?


Based in Native American folklore, the Jett Carle Sagas are fast paced, action packed, urban fantasy stories that will grab you from the first sentence and not let go until the end.

2019 Book Releases

Blood Havest, the first book of the award winning series that started it all, is officially being released into ebook format exclusively for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.


Steve Jacobs isn't a Vampire...not really...then again...


It doesn't really matter what he is or was anymore because Steve abandoned the darkness of his former life over a decade ago when he left the only people he ever considered to be family and ran to California. There he joined the Los Angeles Police Department, graduated first in his class at the Academy and now works as a Detective in the Homicide division. Respected by his fellow officers and enjoying a special bond with his Captain, whom he considers to be his mentor, Steve feels that he has finally found a place where the world makes sense and he can leave his dark past behind. So when his Captain calls in the middle of the night and instructs him to come to a highly unusual crime scene, Steve does so without question.


Arriving on the scene Steve discovers that the entire staff and patronage of nearly one thousand people at a popular and hedonistic Los Angeles nightclub have suddenly and mysteriously collapsed where they stood and appear to be dead. Rumors of a biological or chemical terrorist attack are doubted by the large number of LAPD and emergency personnel on the scene, but there seems to be no other explanation for the unnerving occurrence.


Then, before Steve can even fully begin his investigation, the case goes from unusual to absolutely bizarre with the appearance of an exotically beautiful and seductive woman in the company of a large, incredibly powerful white haired man. Both individuals are people that Steve thought he had left behind over a decade ago, but he now finds his past and his present are interwoven together in a mystery that threatens to destroy everything that he holds dear. Steve quickly learns that what happened at the nightclub was only the tip of the iceberg in a much larger conspiracy of greed that, if he is unable to stop, will enslave an entire society of people, the existence of whom the rest of the world isn't even aware, and are the people that Steve used to call his family.


Michael Weinberger achieved his undergraduate degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Pacific in Stockton, California and then went on to the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1993 at the age of 25. He returned home to Las Vegas and operated a successful chiropractic office until the fall of 2000 when a severe arm injury forced him to step away from his chosen profession. It was during his recovery that discovered his love for writing.

It took quite some time after that fateful day, but in 2011 Michael published his first novel of "The Hidden Amongst Us" series titled "Blood Harvest." The book was very well received and even finished as high as #6 of Amazon's most downloaded Fiction: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal genre.


In 2012 the second book of the series "Madman's Monster" was published and was awarded Best Paranormal Book of 2012 by IndieReader.com.


Since then Michael has published the third novel of the series "Rasputin's Prodigy" as well as a children's picture book that he wrote with his 4-year-old daughter Mikayla. The Children's Book "Oogie's Rainy Day Adventure" is illustrated by the incredible Steve Bonham and achieved both "Story Monster Approved" status and a prestigious Purple Dragonfly Award for Children's Literature.



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